Let’s heighten the humanity in your brand.

Bold branding and marketing For business owners ready to make waves.

Let’s heighten the humanity in your brand.

bold branding and marketing For business owners ready to make waves.

Becoming Balanced

Empowering Women. Elevating Wellness.

Women have many obligations and roles they fill, and often times they’re not able to find a balance between self-care and responsibilities. Becoming Balanced provides an oasis where women can focus on health and wellness in a way that makes it convenient and accessible. Their overall focus is on helping women be well – physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially.

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Their NEED


Becoming Balanced started their brand from the ground up. They needed a full branding and marketing strategy. They are also the only female-focused mental health facility in the area. To some, this
may come off as non-inclusive, so we needed to find the right messaging for consumers to understand
that women are their area of expertise and what
they do best.

our solution


The first step was to design a logo that represented the vibe of their brand and its core values. Next, we work with a developer to launch their website and continue the development of a brand strategy. Being that they were a new small business, it was important for us to stay within their budget. This sets another example for why we love being client focused with nothing attached to agency commission, because we were able to make the best decisions for them. Since starting, they have grown at a rapid pace, and recently switched to a bigger location after expanding
their team.


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Mandee has been fabulous to work with! We were completely new to starting a business and her experience and expertise was invaluable. She delivered exactly what we wanted in a logo and has helped us be consistent with our branding from the very beginning. She is very responsive and is always available for questions. She is well-connected in the community and provides us with opportunities to market ourselves that we would never find on our own.
She is energetic, upbeat, and a ton of fun to work with! We highly recommend Mandee and MINT for all of your marketing and branding needs!

Desiree Zielke, Ph.D, LP

Becoming Balanced