Let’s heighten the humanity in your brand.

Bold branding and marketing For business owners ready to make waves.

Let’s heighten the humanity in your brand.

bold branding and marketing For business owners ready to make waves.

Dr. Tiffany Renee/The Aligned Life

For You, for Me, For Us.

Dr. Tiffany Johnson has always been a healer and a great mentor in life and business. The “Dr.” part of her name comes from her training as a Chiropractor. She spends her days bringing health and healing to the spine. In her years of practice, she noticed that the alignment of the spine is the foundation for health in the entire body. And the alignment of self is the foundation for a healthy, strong, and beautiful soul.

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Their NEED


She unveiled the Dr. Tiffany Renee brand to help women find true joy from within. It’s not a quick solution. Rather, a journey that women take as a group. It’s about removing the distractions and putting a magnifying glass on your thoughts, habits, beliefs, actions, personality, and identity. It’s a chance for women to discover who they truly are and align their body, mind, and soul to that deeply rooted knowledge. She offers an array of free and paid programs for people to choose – each program has its own purpose and unique services. We needed to bring these programs to life by defining an effective overall strategy that was unique to each of them, but still cohesive to the brand.

our solution


We brainstormed and created program names, multiple logos, content, and a branding strategy for each of the programs. In truly knowing our clients,
we know that Dr. Tiffany works through things in an intuitive (feeling) manner, so we meet her where she’s at as she progresses through things to make sure
the process is productive, fluid and maintains
brand integrity.


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