“Can You Design Me a Logo Quick?”

Let’s talk logos!

A question I have been asked many times over the years is, “Can you design me a logo quick?”

My answer: “Yes we can, and no we will not.”

Why? Because…

The process is intensive, and rightfully so.

We ask a lot of questions to get you to think deeper, differently, bigger, in a more focused way vs. to make something pretty.

We research, A LOT.

We sketch. We’re artistic + old school like that.

We then turn to technology to digitize.

We assess + make changes, and then present to the client.

At this point, I’d be remiss not to mention we design logos only in black and white first, because we don’t want color to be a deciding factor. There will always be a time your logo needs to be used in black or white, and you need to love it as such.

The client may have changes so we ask more questions, edit + assess again, and send the revisions.

We are dealing with humans, sometimes many, when it comes to decision making, which often equates to varying opinions and additional rounds of edits.

It’s the reality of our work and there are parts of our industry that are subjective. Founded on feelings, if you will.

I read a post yesterday on whether or not technology has helped us. I think it has in many ways, especially with efficiency. Yet, with those efficiencies also comes greater expectations for faster turnaround times + things appearing to be “easy” or “quick” when in fact, they often are not, or should not be, to be done well.

The “Can you design me a logo quick?” question immediately makes me want to pull my hair out, but then I step back, lean into our LEARNER core value, and as I’m doing today, taking the time to educate.

Because you don’t know until you know.

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