Hues & Views: Color Psychology in Marketing

We all know that certain colors represent different emotions– Red is the color of passion, blue is calm and soothing, yellow is happy and bright– but what we don’t often consider is how colors are used to influence everything from branding and advertising to product purchases and everyday behaviors. With so many brands and companies […]

What is the Pumpkin Spice Trick?

Don’t know about you, but our MINT Brand Marketing team is very excited about pumpkin spice season! Pumpkin Spice lattes (PSL) started 20 years ago when Starbucks released its first line of fall drinks, and ever since then, pumpkin spice has grown into its own staple piece in the fall season. However, did you know […]

“Can You Design Me a Logo Quick?”

Let’s talk logos! A question I have been asked many times over the years is, “Can you design me a logo quick?” My answer: “Yes we can, and no we will not.” Why? Because… The process is intensive, and rightfully so. We ask a lot of questions to get you to think deeper, differently, bigger, […]

Logos in Black and White

Logos are the visual embodiment of brands. They should stand out from competition, yet make sense for the industry. We have studied color psychology and typography, and understand how these things impact our subconscious. This is why we present logo options to our clients in black and white first. We don’t want colors to influence […]

Rebranding: Are You in Need of a Re-Do?

It’s not uncommon for businesses to question if their brand is accurately reflected by its visual identity. We’re here to help you determine that. How? We call them EvolveMINT sessions… In these 60-minute EvolveMINT sessions, we… Then BOOM, before you know it your brand is bigger, bolder and better all around. It’s time for your brand to […]

A Brand with a Story

It is with great honor that I share this logo I designed. My client + friend, Cassie lost her mom to addiction in March 2017. Cassie dreamt of opening her own practice prior to her mom’s death. She officially opened Beth’s Place, a Chemical Dependency Outpatient Clinic on September 4, 2018. It’s named after her […]

Bodacious Brander

If you’re like me, you’ve long been confused by celebrity endorsements. Surely, no reasonable person is sitting in front of their TV thinking “I’m going to drink Pepsi because Beyonce does.” So why do they do it? Turns out, it’s about emotion. Companies want you to transfer the positive emotions you feel toward a musician […]