Beth's Place

from trauma to triumph

The CDC released a report that estimates approximately 93,000 Americans died from drug overdose in 2020. It’s heartbreaking to wonder how many of those lives could have been saved, had they found proper help. The stigma associated with substance abuse makes it daunting for individuals to seek necessary care and support. But addiction is treatable, and help is waiting.

Cassie Kasowski lost her mom Beth to alcoholism in 2017. It was then on out that Cassie knew she needed to change the conversation surrounding mental health and substance use. She set out to open her own private practice, Beth’s Place. On paper, Beth’s Place is a chemical dependency outpatient treatment center. But to those who’ve been there, it serves as a home–a place that treats patients like humans and welcomes them with open arms.

color palette


their need

Cassie was starting her practice from the ground up, which meant we had big work to do! Being that her business is so close to her heart, we needed to make sure the branding exuded that same level of passion. Secondly, we wanted to highlight the unique approach Beth’s Place has when it comes to treating patients.

our solution

The first step of our process was designing a logo that was not only inspiring but had a strong story behind it. Beth was always drawn to the hummingbird, which happens to symbolize joy and healing (so, hummingbird it was!) The lines inside represent the chaos of life, but they all end in an upward direction to symbolize hope and perseverance. We wanted to make sure we were making her brand feel as “homey” as possible, because that’s one of the main things that makes it stand out from its competitors.


"Amanda created and executed the branding of my Outpatient Chemical Dependency Clinic. Her professionalism and driven attitude made me feel confident in the success of my business. She went above and beyond in researching other outpatient facilities to ensure my clinic was on the path to success. Amanda approaches everything with a positive attitude and her passion for creating and completing a vision for the client is impeccable. I highly recommend Amanda without any reservations."
Cassie Kasowski
Beth's Place