Bodyworks Physical Therapy

relief is right here

Bodyworks Physical Therapy is passionate about personalized patient care. They take the time to find the source of your problems and return you to living your life as quickly as possible, targeting problems like spinal conditions, orthopedic conditions, women’s health, vertigo, dizziness and balance. They also offer dry needling, massage therapy and post-surgical rehab.

color palette


their need

In May of 2021, the Bodyworks team lost their building to a fire, forcing them to find a new home from the ground up. With that, their branding needed an update to fit the “rebirth” of their brand-new space. They want to be the physical therapy choice for anyone who is in physical pain or dealing with issues around balance and post-surgical rehab.

our solution

The logo was given a touch of modernization, revealing a crisp, clean-cut logo that aligns with the interior design throughout their brand new building. In addition, we spearheaded their branding, marketing, and social media strategy in order to connect with their target audience.