The City of Casselton

a place to belong

In Casselton, the pace of life is a little bit slower, but that just means you have more time to focus on the things that matter. Without the constraints of long commutes and traffic, you gain back your most precious resource: time.

Whether it’s out in nature, in the community, or at the ball field, your quality of life is bound to improve. And, 120 years in, they’re still one of the best family locations in North Dakota–but it’s not all agriculture, school, and governors! They might be a small town, but there’s nothing small about the life you’d live there.

their need

Put yourself in the shoes of someone looking for a new place to call home. What’d be most important to you and your family when it comes to finding the perfect location? That sums up the biggest obstacle Casselton faced: to reach families searching for a home, and to show them its potential to be exactly what they’re looking for–a place to belong.

Casselton needed to showcase their city in a way that shattered the stigma of “small town living” and cultivated awareness about the city’s opportunities for business, innovation, education, recreation and more. Additionally, they needed marketing/design materials to use for major events like the ND State Fire Convention.

our solution

We planned and arranged an event called Casselton Connect. The sole purpose of this event was to create an opportunity for our client to connect with realtors and related industry professionals, and show them all that the city has to offer. From start to finish, we developed all creative content, leveraged our media + rural connections and used our marketing expertise to elevate the event and create more buzz about the city.

We also created a 24-page booklet for the ND State Fire Convention, an event Casselton hosted in 2022. The custom-designed booklet presented a fresh + vibrant visual brand identity for Casselton, and received praise from a handful of event attendees.


“Thank you SO much to the Mint Brand Marketing team for the marketing materials (we even received a compliment on how fun they were), signage, event planning & coordination. Top-notch service and always felt organized. We appreciate you!"
Melissa Beach
Casselton Economic Development