Free to Exhale

discover a new way of revealing what your soul truly needs

Free to Exhale provides an escape for business executives who seek to disconnect from the chaos of everything and reconnect with themselves in nature. These retreats in nature allow people to disconnect from everything, heal their inner conflicts, and come home feeling re-energized, centered and motivated.

color palette


their need

Jenny needed a full brand build-up from start to finish. She wanted to reach the typical business executive, so the goal was to aim for a more “sophisticated” vibe. She also wanted to differentiate her business from other “retreat” options so that people knew her retreats offer more purpose than to just have fun and take pictures.

our solution

To capture the essence of her business, we wanted the logo to represent the earth’s relaxing + healing abilities, which is why we ended up with natural colors, and a logo that “blows in the wind.” We also curated the messaging on her website to use an inner-healing approach, making it known that the retreats are for people to focus on themselves and connect with their inner demands.