General Equipment & Supplies, Inc.

a generic name, but not a generic brand

Prior to Jon Shilling taking over as President + CEO in 2017, his dad Don Shilling was in the role. Don was heavily involved in the marketing, as is Jon, but the transition of management in 2017 meant that there was going to be a different way of doing things.

color palette


their need

From a marketing perspective, they needed to clean up their brand. They have nine locations in the U.S. and two in Canada, and each location was doing their own thing, which inevitably led to inconsistent marketing across the board. Secondly, their name “General Equipment” is a general name, but they are far from a general company, so they needed to work on their messaging in order for people to clearly understand what products and services they offer/what industries they serve.

our solution

The first step was creating a new logo that was easy to read and used across all locations. After that, we wrangled the beast by organizing all of their internal designs. We went through the process with them, explaining what we were doing + how an inconsistent brand image can negatively impact the customer experience. We also worked on the messaging across the board to ensure we incorporated more of their core values.


“Amanda has been integral in building a visual brand we are proud of and messaging that aligns with our services and culture while helping us clearly define our marketing goals. In my eyes, the true definition of success is when a client no longer refers to you as a vendor. To our owner's group, Amanda is a friend and partner. We are among many clients that require her time, and she somehow still makes us feel as if our needs are the most important ones on her plate.”
Jon Shilling, President + CEO
General Equipment & Supplies, Inc.