The Revived Mom

creating healthier families, one mom at a time

Tracy had always pictured herself as a successful businesswoman. After having her first child, it became extremely difficult for her to navigate mom life and work life, so she became a stay-at-home mom with side gigs. She eventually reached a point where she was burnt out and emotionally drained; she had enough of the “Hustle Culture.” In 2021, she became a certified holy yoga teacher. This has not only transformed her emotionally and physically, but now allows her to share her love of God and wellness in a whole new way.

Now, it’s Tracy’s mission to help other moms find the power to be both a mom and a money-maker. The Revived Mom brings something unique to her clients – she aims to create spiritually healthy moms through authenticity, humor, and His word. Through simplifying faith, wellness and yoga, The Revived Mom aims to create healthier families – one mom at a time.

color palette


their need

The Revived Mom presented a lot of different things under the same brand (like yoga, humor, and faith). When creating a brand identity, we needed to make it all fit together as one. Secondly, her audience wasn’t only moms, so we considered changing her name to something other than “The Revived Mom,” but ultimately came to the decision that we would work on the messaging to ensure that people understood that the name represents Tracy herself, and that they didn’t have to be a mom to follow + learn from her.

our solution

We worked hard to create a logo that symbolizes prayer and a healing heart. In knowing our clients, we knew Tracy was going to take time to sit with things and pray on things, so being accommodating to that throughout the logo development was essential to reaching the perfect result. We came up with a full marketing strategy by first understanding who she is and what her core values are. After that, we developed designs for social content and taught her effective social strategies, like what times are best for her to post, and how to message things differently on each platform to connect with each audience better.