Rebranding: Are You in Need of a Re-Do?

It’s not uncommon for businesses to question if their brand is accurately reflected by its visual identity. We’re here to help you determine that. How? We call them EvolveMINT sessions…

In these 60-minute EvolveMINT sessions, we…

  • Evaluate the core values and ultimate mission of your business.
  • Take a deep dive into your business and determine where the disconnects are.
  • Identify new ideas while building a strategic, evidence-based game plan to move forward with.
  • Review all the elements of your brand and find the opportunities for improvement
  • Form a cohesive brand identity that better reflects the business you built and love.

Then BOOM, before you know it your brand is bigger, bolder and better all around.

It’s time for your brand to EVOLVE.

Here’s a look at a rebrand we did for our client, Catalyst Medical Center + Clinical Spa:

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