every experience matters

Customer Experience Analysis

A great reputation is born behind the scenes.

Bad experiences seem to travel a lot faster than good ones. We live in a world of online reviews now, and it’s very easy for customers to share their opinion with the world about your business. Many purchases happen–or don’t happen–as a direct result of customer reviews.

The reality is this: your business is one of many choices. So, if an experience with you is subpar, why would they want to keep doing business with you? Not every experience will be perfect, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to improve.

At MINT, we believe customers are your best resource for growing brand awareness and a successful, thriving business. If customer awareness is negative, or even just “okay,” it will hinder the growth + success of your business.

Our team utilizes over 50 years of marketing + branding experience in reviewing all aspects of your business through the lens of your ideal customer. We then compare your business to its competitors, both locally and nationally (if fitting), and analyze in detail which aspects can be improved or expanded to enhance your customer’s entire experience.

What we will do:

→ Create and implement customer surveys through various mediums to get feedback on their customer journey experience, products, services or special feature requests.
→ Analyze social media presence.
→ Analyze in-person presence, website and phone presence.
→ Analyze the overall feeling and environment of your business.

What you will get:

→ Report(s) of all data collected.
→ Suggestions for improvements and priorities in those improvements.